Idaho Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

A little bit about me

I live in Ashton, Idaho. Ashton is a small town with a population of around 1,100 people, and is located in Fremont County. It is within very close proximity to the Teton mountain range, Yellowstone Park, the Snake River desert and three rivers, Henry's Fork of the Snake River, Warm River and Fall River. Where I live is essential to my photography.

My great-grandparents homesteaded the Stephens Fish Creek Ranch above Warm River. I would spend many weekends up there, in the mountains, helping my great grandma make homemade cinnamon rolls (always baked in her wood burning oven) before I went exploring. I investigated everything.  I made forts in the forest, and learned that if I was patient I would see some kind of wildlife. I had no fear as a kid, and I loved experiencing all kinds of adventures. That hasn't changed.

I pursue my happiness. I love an awesome roller coaster ride just as much as I love capturing wildlife, or an amazing landscape with my Nikon. Both experiences give me butterflies. I believe in kindness. I always try to be ready with a smile for everyone I cross paths with. I also smile because I'm a genuinely happy person. I choose to see the beauty over the ugly. 

I am passionate about my photography. It's a high like no other. I photograph my world the way I see it. Each photo is a singular moment that can only be captured once, because everything is always in motion. Each photo I take also has meaning to me. It makes me feel something. Whether it's excitement, awe, happiness, moodiness,  exhilaration or even just peace. My hope is that whoever views my photography feels something, too.